Back to business: seven ways to make the most of this month’s bumper activity

Starting with so-called, ‘love MONDAY‘, last week was a bumper one for Cameroon jobseekers. On Jobcentre, we encourage new candidates to get registered online and over 200 job applicants today. Both records and both strong signals that candidates are surfing our online jobs market with a renewed confidence.

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Six ways to keep your online recruitment secure

As with anything we do online, exercising good sense and caution can go a long way to ensuring we have a safe and secure experience. And online recruitment is no exception. Recruiters are used to dealing with lots of potentially sensitive personal data and most will have rigorous processes in place to keep information from getting in to the wrong

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One Stop Camer

One Stop Camer provides you with the opportunity of booking your hotel and arranging car rental services before your arrival in Cameroon. We are here to provide you with a reliable service so that visiting Cameroon becomes easy. Just register and select from the list of hotels and cars at your service. For further information visit One Stop Camer.

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Takin’ Care Business – TCB

Introducing Cameroons online forum. This forum has been created for all Cameroonians around the world to share whatever is happening within their community. This is a community for us Cameroonians to communicate with others near and far, giving them the news as it breaks out. ” Express your mine as we should be completing each other and not competing…” Go

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Cameroon's first buy and sell app, ChatDealer free mobile shop marketplace featuring shopping and selling products online with your smartphone, including chat messaging for buyers and sellers to negotiate great deals. Its simple easy to use and portable.


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