Back to business: seven ways to make the most of this month’s bumper activity

Starting with so-called, ‘love MONDAY‘, last week was a bumper one for Cameroon jobseekers.

On Jobcentre, we encourage new candidates to get registered online and over 200 job applicants today. Both records and both strong signals that candidates are surfing our online jobs market with a renewed confidence.


What’s more, with a new ad campaign now live, this week looks set to be even busier: We encourage all employers within Cameroon to also advertise job vacancies with us.

In an increasingly competitive jobs market, with rising numbers of vacancies in almost every sector and region, attracting the best talent ahead of your competitors will be at the forefront of your mind.

So, to help you make the most of this month’s unprecedented candidate activity, here are seven proven ways to make sure your job ads are performing at their best.

1. Shout about your salary

It’s no secret that rates of pay continue to stall as the recovery gets under way. But our research shows that, on average, a vacancy receives 20% more applications when a fixed salary is stated than when one is left hidden or negotiable.

So, by leaving out your salary, you could be missing out on one in five applicants, and potentially turning away the perfect candidate for your position. Be as up front as possible and if you don’t know how much you should be paying, it’s worth checking current market rates.

2. Screen vs. Sheen

On Jobcentre, every job ad includes up to five screening questions as part of the online application process. To help filter out applicants who haven’t paid sufficient attention to the details and relevance of your vacancy, try throwing in a question to catch them out.

For instance, where screening questions are based on Yes/No answers, make sure you always include a question where you’re looking for a ‘No’ answer. This can help you filter out candidates who routinely answer ‘Yes’, regardless of the question.

3. The F-Word

Never underestimate the importance of good formatting. Not only will it help save valuable space, it will also make as clear as possible to candidates exactly what you want.

Using headings such as: ‘About us’, ‘The role’, ‘Requirements’ and ‘Salary and Benefits’ can remove ambiguity and makes the whole ad easier to read, digest and apply for.

4. Location, location, location

There’s a misconception when posting a job ad that by keeping the location as broad as possible, your ad will show up in more listings. However, job results are displayed according to postcode or a specific area, so it’s better to be as accurate as possible when it comes to your whereabouts.

In fact, adverts that are specific about their location receive an average of five times as many applications as those that keep theirs general.

It’ll be tricky for some roles (Area Manager, for example), but try keeping to one or two anchor locations to improve applications. Any other locations for travel can then be dealt with in the main job description.

5. Less can, in fact, be more

Job searching can be a long and laborious task for many job seekers, with multiple job descriptions often being read in quick succession.

The most effective ads usually consist of anywhere up to around 300 words. Some roles may demand more, but always try and keep your descriptions as concise and as easy-to-digest as possible.

6. Don’t be afraid to try something different

It’s important to remember that every ad is different. What might resonate with one audience may not have the same effect on another.

So, whether you’ve spent a substantial amount of time in recruitment or not, try and resist the temptation to use a previous template for your ad and write something specifically playing to the strengths of the vacancy in question.

And don’t be afraid to test: why not try editing your advert once it’s live to optimise the copy to ensure the best possible response.

7. Check, check and check again

Simple? Yes. But mistakes are a common occurrence within job ads. And, just as a poorly written CV may cause you to question a candidate’s credentials, the same goes for recruiters.

Leave prospective applicants in no doubt about your professionalism: have a colleague proof read your ad, check for typos and grammatical errors and avoid using contrived phrases and industry jargon.

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